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Sunday Summary
My newsletter is more like a Public Journal, where I reflect on my week - things that went well, things I created, my goal progress, and about things I’m currently working on. If you have been my subscriber for a while now, you might have already understood that.
A few people messaged me saying they really liked this format. I’m so grateful to those people for taking the time to message me.
My newsletter is highly inspired by Youtuber and entrepreneur Ali Abdaal’s newsletter. I really liked the way how he shared about his week and little life lessons. I also got an excellent name for it, “Sunday Summary.”
I hope you like my newsletter. If you have any feedback, you can directly reply to this mail. I would love to hear your thoughts.
🎯 Goal Progress
February has been an excellent month for my Twitter journey. My followers increased from 270 to 438. Thanks to 168 new followers who joined my journey. I can see that tweeting consistently has a huge impact.
Lately, I have been focusing more on creating visuals. Thanks to Janis Ozolins & Ash Lamb for always answering my DM’s and inspiring me to create more beautiful visuals. You can find the visuals which I made this week below.
✏️ Things I Created
Vyshnav 🍃
We have just one life. Why live it with just one identity?

- @warikoo
Vyshnav 🍃
Once you’ve made all the mistakes in a field, you’re considered an expert

- @sivers
Vyshnav 🍃
Be identifiable, so that people who want you can find you in the crowd.
Vyshnav 🍃
Build something:

If it succeeds, you've got yourself a business

If it fails, you've got something to learn

Both are powerful. - @AlexLlullTW

(slightly modified)
Vyshnav 🍃
The trick to waking up early is not waking up early. It is sleeping on time!

- @warikoo
📝 Quote of the Week
Have you ever wondered why social media apps are all free? It’s not because their creators are driven by a philanthropic urge to help the world share selfies. It’s because we are not actually the customers, and the social media platform itself is not the product. Instead, the customers are advertisers. And the product being sold is our attention.
~ How to Break Up with Your Phone by Catherine Price (Book Notes)
♥️ Favourite Things
📺 YouTube - 5 Reasons You Keep Procrastinating by Matt D'Avella. When you break it down there are really just five procrastination triggers that get in our way most often. And once you start to identify these triggers at their core you can finally stop putting things off.
📄 Article - How to Use Todoist Effectively — The Complete Guide by Doist. From capturing tasks to tracking your productivity, learn the in’s and out’s of your Todoist and build your perfect productivity workflow.
📄 Article - On the counterintuitive power of doing less by Darius Foroux. It talks about how reducing things to focus on can significantly improve your other parts of life.
🐦 Twitter - How to start building in the public if you have zero followers on Twitter by Sharath. If your goal is to build an audience, then building in public is the perfect way to do that. This way, you can get more connected with your audience, and they can also learn from you.
🛠️ Tools - How to say no by DropResponder. Saying no is hard, but it’s also essential for your sanity. These are some templates for how to say no - so you can take back your life.
Have a great week! 🥳
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Vyshnav Gangadharan
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Sunday Summary is a weekly newsletter where I write about things I created, enjoyed, and discovered that week.

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