Sunday Summary

By Vyshnav Gangadharan

🎲 The Rule of 3





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Sunday Summary
Hi👋, Vyshnav here

This week I will be sharing a simple rule for making your day more productive, it’s called The Rule of 3.
The rule states that at the start of each day, choose the three things you want to have accomplished by the day’s end. While a to-do list is useful to capture the minutiae of the day, these three intention slots should be reserved for your most important daily tasks.
The more tasks you have to do leads to more procrastination. This will make your day unproductive. So follow this rule to make your day more productive.
🎯 Goal Progress
✏️ Things I Created
Vyshnav 🍃
10 Visuals for building an Audience on Twitter

1. A simple technique for growing on Twitter is to tweet consistently.
Vyshnav 🍃
Books are like weights at the gym, too light and you crank through the exercise; too heavy and you can’t do a single rep, adjust your weights and books.

- @naval
📝 Quote of the Week
Most people don’t start. Most people who start don’t continue. Most people who continue give up. Many winners are just the last ones standing. Don’t give up.
~ The Minimalist Entrepreneur (Book Notes)
♥️ Favourite Things
📄 Article - How The Simple Act of Showing Up Can Make You Successful by Darius Foroux. Everything happens in cycles. You never know when an opportunity comes knocking at your door. Showing up every day helps you to be ready. When you run into challenges, it’s important to stay positive and keep moving forward, and not give up. The moment you give in to one bad habit, it’s the start of your downfall.
📺 YouTube - Decentralize Your Income — Side Hustle Economics by Visualize Value. Having multiple sources of income will help you achieve financial freedom. This video explains what decentralizing your income means for beginners.
📺 YouTube - 15 Google Calendar Tips for Productivity by Jeff Su. If you are using Google Calendar in your daily life, watch this video to take it to the next level. These are some of the powerful tips for improving your experience.
🛠️ Tools - Dream Generator by Endel. Dream up your next album cover with the help of AI.
Have a great week! 🥳
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Vyshnav Gangadharan
Vyshnav Gangadharan @vyshnav_xyz

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